How to use Blogs in the classroom

How to set up your own edublogs blog

**5 Tips to Help Students Blog**

How to use Blogs in a classroom setting

Click here for a plethora of Educational examples

Mrs. Stalnaker's Blog
English with Mrs. Sizemore
History & Civics with Mr. Sizemore
Meg Swecker's Blog
Tina Coffey's Blog
KinderKids Blog
Trantwood Elementary
Teaching Paperless Blog
AP Calc Blog
Mrs. Hansen's Fourth Grade Blog
Kathy Cassidy
Science Matters( great directions on the homepage for posting and commenting!)
Math 306-04 (upper grade math)
Room 167 (History)
Civil War Sallie

Secret Life of Bees Blog/
Support Blogging(a great place to find even more bloggers)
Kindergarten Tales
Literacy is Priceless
Mrs. Thorp's Third Grade Blog

Lisa Cunningham's (3rd and 5th grade reading)

Jennifer Woods' (5th grade reading)
Elizabeth Mills(1st Grade Blog)
Abby Hudson (5th Grade Blog)
Kelly Baer (4th Grade Blog

Search for Local Blogging Classroom Teachers and Students at

Let's set up an Edublog!

7 Things You Should Know About Wikis

Wiki Walk Through... this site will answer most of the wiki questions you may have.
Eight Ways to us Wiki in Schools
Wikibooks Wiki How

Wiki Resources
A Classroom Wiki
Language Arts Wiki
Short Stories Wiki
Social Studies Wiki Regions of Virginia Wiki
Book Study Wiki
How Tall is a First Grader
Ocean StudiesLanguage Arts and Science
Around the World in 80 Classrooms
2010 Olympics Wiki
Winter Wonderland Wiki
Masons Cove Book Study
Wally Mammoth Project

Here is a HUGE collection of blog and wiki sites.

Create your own Wiki Space here.