Glogster- Poster Yourself!

What is Glogster EDU?

For Educators:

  • A creative, dynamic, and innovative digital outlet that captures learner’s excitement for online creations, keeps learners engaged in course content, and makes teaching and learning more fun.
  • A private and safe platform, monitored directly by teachers. Teachers control all the activities of their learners.
  • A valuable teaching tool that integrates diverse core subjects including math, science, history, art, photography, music and more for individual learner portfolios, unique alternative assessments, and differentiated instructional activities.

For Learners:

  • A fun, imaginative, and powerful learning experience which fosters independent creative self expression, positive learner-teacher relationships, and teamwork on collaborative class projects.
  • A vibrant, multi-sensory learning experience which integrates learner’s knowledge and skills into traditionally text-oriented subjects and motivates learner’s desire to explore topics in which they may previously have been less interested.


Use Skype to collaborate with classrooms around the world. Skype is a free download on your comptuer that allows you to talk to other people that you have added to your Skype list. If your computer has a webcam attached to it you can also have a video link to talk to the other person on the line if they have a webcam also.


Why Wordle???

Word it Out

Wordle vs. WordItOut

Whether you choose Wordle or WordItOut, the purpose will probably be the same, here are some ideas:
  • Have students put their writing pieces in and see if words like ‘like’, ‘and’, ‘but’ come up more then they should (note: you would want to make sure you don’t omit words when doing this)
  • Have students determine main ideas of text, then put them through these programs to check
  • Analyze major speeches, editorials, or other text written or spoken by prominent people to see if various themes come up
  • Create visuals of text and/or blog posts
  • Create a word cloud of your next subject and have students predict what you will be learning/reading about.
  • Have students create word clouds of descriptive words to describe an object, then see if others can figure out the object they are describing
  • Create a word cloud with words that have something in common, so students can figure out patterns, or concepts.

Tux Paint
  • Tux Paint is an easy-to-use drawing program, designed for children ages 3 and up. It is a free and simple download.

Spelling City -
  • Spelling City is an online spelling program that makes practicing for spelling tests fun.

Quiz Hub

Class Tools

Jam Studio

Toon Doo



Image Mosaic Creator

Jing Project



Website Creation

For younger students . . .

Welcome to the Web
is an interactive website that teaches students all about the Internet through challenges and activities. There are seven sections of activities and learning on Welcome to the Web. The first section teaches students how to use the site. Section 2 teaches students about the basic concepts involved in the Internet, it also gives some valuable practice navigating and visiting websites. Section 3 is all about staying safe online by following SMART rules, student understanding is tested using interactive activities and fun quizzes. Section 4 helps students learn more about their web browser and its features. In section 5 students will learn how to search effectively and safely in search engines. Section 6 helps students understand copyright. The last section invites students to compete in a challenge that requires them to use all of the skills they learned to catch the creator of a computer virus. When the challenge has been completed, students can print out a certificate of completion. Each section of this site comes with accompanying worksheets to be used with the site. These don’t have to be used in order to use the site effectively. Throughout the site, students can ‘hover’ the mouse over an underlined word and a definition will pop up.

Search Engine for Kids: