Here are some website to use as resources for videos.

Voice Thread: upload pictures to Voice Thread and have students record comments or type in comments to pictures.

Voice Thread for Educators wiki

Use Animoto to create videos with pictures and music that you can upload.

Example: Book Reviews

Use PhotoStory to create videos with pictures, music and the ability to narrate.

Example: PhotoStory Blog

Sound Clips


Download Videos from You Tube

Use Zamzar to turn YouTube videos into files on your computer. Just find the online video that you want and copy the URL. Go to and paste the URL into the first box (make sure URL has been clicked). Choose the type of file you would like to convert the video to (I usually use .wmv) and type in your email address. Leave this window open. You will get an email when the file finishes downloading. Open the email and click the link so that you can download the file.

You can also use YouConvertIt as a way to convert videos, it works basically the same way.

Create a "clip" from a YouTube video and safely share with others w/o sending the ads, potential offensive "stuff", etc.
Safe share

Other Online Video Resources

School Tube
Teacher Tube
Edublogs TV
Works with ACTIVboards, too
Teacher TV
50 Intelligent Video Sites